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The Old School Room (Polly Strohbusch Room) is styled to reflect an early to mid 20th century classroom with old wooden desks; an antique globe; and photos of students who attended classes in this Historic School.


The Cambridge Historic School proudly supports our local Veterans with their very own room, our Veteraan's Room. Gratitude for their service to our country and our freedom can never be adequately expressed. However, with this display, it is our hope that it will pay humble tribute to these brave men and woman.


The Agriculture Room showcases equipment and implements used by local farmers throughout our region. Displayed in this room are items patented by London local John Rieff and outboard motors designed by our very own Ole Evinrude.



Stroll down the old streets of Cambridge, Lake Ripley, Rockdale, and London. Browse numerous photos from these areas as well as unique items from local business long since closed. You'll also enjoy viewing antiquated photography and accounting equipment, clothing articles, suitcases, and ball uniforms from eras gone by.


Cambridge Historic School Asian RoomAsian Culture Display

Cambridge Historic School ClassroomOld School Room

Cambridge Historic School Veterans DisplayLocal Veterans Display

Cambridge Historic School Ag RoomAgricultural Room

Cambridge Historic School StreetsStreets of Cambridge, Rockdale,
Lake Ripley and London